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Ben Hayes

Ben Hayes

Goals for 2009-2010

Area and Council Support

I will help improve the Venturing structure of the Central Region Areas and Councils.

I plan to accomplish this by:

  • Helping the Area Presidents with the development of their goals.
  • Conducting an orientation for Area Venturing Presidents.
  • Obtaining lists of Council Venturing Key 3 in all Areas and encourage Area Presidents to contact all Council Presidents to verify youth officer information.
  • Contacting Area Venturing Chairs and Area Directors to develop a relationship and ask for their thoughts on Venturing priorities for their area.
  • Compiling and updating resources for Area Presidents to train their local council officers.
  • Promoting and establishing active Area VOAs in all areas and encouraging the incorporation of corresponding Associate Advisors for each area.
  • Supporting Area Presidents in the creation of Area VOA by-laws in all Central Region Areas.
  • Encouraging the areas to hold VOA meetings and/or conference calls and personally be in attendance.
  • Supporting efforts to increase the number of councils with a Venturing Key 3.
  • Supporting and contributing to the effort to increase the number of Central Region councils earning the Council Standards of Venturing Excellence Award.
  • Serving on a task force that will look into the revision of the Council Standards of Venturing Excellence Award.
  • Encouraging Area presidents to attend at least three council Venturing events within councils other than their own.
  • Requiring quarterly reports from Area Presidents.
  • Conducting at least three Central Region Venturing Youth Cabinet conference calls.


I will continue to expand communication to Venturers, crews, and councils throughout Central Region.

I plan to accomplish this by:

  • Continuing to support, contribute to, and expand the Central Region Facebook and Yahoo groups.
  • Supporting efforts to grow the Central Region Venturing Facebook group to 3500 members.
  • Working with Area Presidents to grow each Area Venturing Facebook group by 50%.
  • Working with the Area Presidents and Council Presidents to grow 85% of the Council Venturing Facebook groups to at least 50 members, and for Council Venturing Facebook groups with 50 or more current members have 50% growth.
  • Publishing Volume 3 of the Central Region Venturing monthly newsletter.
  • Encouraging the Area Presidents to submit 2 articles to the monthly Central Region Venturing newsletter.
  • Encouraging the Area Presidents to publish a semi-annual Area Venturing Newsletter.
  • Promoting and contributing to the National Venturing Youth Cabinet website.
  • Utilizing the Yahoo and Facebook groups to solicit input from Central Region Venturers and volunteers on at least a monthly basis.
  • Increasing the number of subscribers to the Central Region Venturing Twitter account and posting a tweet on at least a monthly basis.
  • Posting a status update on the Central Region Venturing ID on at least a monthly basis.


I will market Venturing at every opportunity.

I plan to accomplish this by:

  • Wearing my Field Uniform as appropriate.
  • Attending National/Regional/Area events as requested.
  • Creating a monthly Venturing President video blog about the opportunities that Venturing has to offer.
  • Supporting the recording and posting of videos of Regional and Area Presidents on
  • Attending at least one event per area.
  • Joining all council Venturing Facebook groups.
  • Working with the Area Presidents to ensure a Central Region Venturing Youth Cabinet officer is in attendance at major 100th anniversary of the BSA events held within the region.
  • Representing the Venturing Program by providing a positive example of the Venturing Oath and Code.
  • Creating a VOA resource page on
  • Creating an Ethics In Action resource page on
  • Helping to add new locations to the Where to Go Venturing page on
  • Converting all National Venturing Division publications into pages on

Awards, Recognition, and Training

I will promote Venturing awards, recognition, and training and I will work towards earning several of the awards so that I may promote them more effectively.

I plan to accomplish this by:

  • Personally completing the requirements for the Ranger, Quest, and the Arts and Hobbies Bronze Awards.
  • Learning about the TRUST Award.
  • Educating myself about Sea Scouting by attending Sea Scout Leader Specific Training and working toward the rank if Apprentice.
  • Educating myself and others about Kodiak/Kodiak X and Powder Horn.
  • Promoting and making myself available to assist with training for Venturers and adult volunteers.
  • Attending a Powder Horn CDC.
  • Attending a Powder Horn pilot course that is recruiting youth participants.

Quarterly Reports