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Ben Hayes

Ben Hayes

Fall Quarterly Report


  1. I will advance the infrastructure of the Central Region Areas by lending assistance in the process of implementing Area-level Venturing Officers Associations (VOA's).
  2. I will increase communication throughout the Central Region by expanding technological resources.
  3. I will support membership growth throughout the Central Region by distributing program resources to non-high adventure groups and Crews.
  4. I will market Venturing at every opportunity and will place prominent emphasis on the coming 2010 Centennial of Scouting.
  5. I will promote Venturing awards and recognition, and I will work towards earning several of the awards so that I may promote them effectively.


  1. Assisted and verified that each Area has selected an Area President.
  2. Compiled a list of current Venturing Key 3 leaders in all Central Region Councils.
  3. Communicated with all the Area Venturing Chairs.
  4. Conducted a Central Region Planning Conference in conjunction with the Regional Youth Cabinet orientation training.
  5. Facilitated the development of annual goals for all Area Presidents.
  6. Compiled and distributed an Area President’s Packet.
  7. Facilitated the recording of videos of the entire Central Region Venturing Youth Cabinet (CRVYC) on several topics to be used as promotional material.
  8. Collected and reviewed first quarter reports from all Area Presidents
  9. Published five monthly Central Region Venturing newsletters.
  10. Expanded the Regional and Area Facebook groups.
  11. Joined a Sea Scouting Ship.
  12. Reviewed the current requirements of the Council Standard of Venturing Excellence Award.


  • March 27

Attended a meeting with the Crossroads of America Council professionals to assist in establishing their council VOA.

  • March 27-29

Attended a Kodiak Course Directors Conference in Evansville, Indiana.  Two additional members of the CRVYC were in attendance and participated in the CDC.

  • April 3-5

Attended a Central Region Venturing Leadership Award presentation in St. Louis, Missouri for Barb Vollmer, the wife of the CR Venturing Staff Advisor.  The award was presented for her dedication and hard work for the Venturing Program.  While there I also presented Joe Vollmer, the CR Venturing Staff Advisor with a retirement gift, for his years of service to the Venturing program.  I also spent that weekend with Katelyn Childs, the outgoing CR Venturing President, and Amanda Vogt, National Venturing President and past CR Venturing President, planning the goals for the Central Region for the next several years.

  • April 29

Served on the selection committee for the incoming Central Region Area 4 President

  • May 2-3

Participated in Kodiak X training.  I participated in the training with Katelyn Childs, 2008-2009 Central Region Venturing President, and the course was lead by Tim Stanfill, the 2008-2009 CR Boatswain.

  • May 3

Attended a crew members Ranger project which involved cleaning up the river bed around the historic Santa Maria ship attraction in Columbus, Ohio

  • May 18-25

Attended the 2009 Boy Scouts of America Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

  • June 19

Attended a Greater Cleveland Council VOA meeting along with the Area 4 Venturing President, Liz Williams, in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • June 26-28

Attended the Central Region Venturing Planning Conference and co-lead the CRV Youth Cabinet Orientation training in Evansville, Indiana.

  • July 9-12

Attended and presented at the National Venturing Cabinet Training in Dallas, Texas.

  • July 26-August 2

Lead a Kodiak Trek for my crew’s trip to Florida Sea Base.  I taught the five commissions and the ways to create strong leaders of tomorrow while enjoying the high adventure bases Coral Reef Sailing treck.  Islamorada, Florida

  • August 8

Presented and lead the first VOA elections for the Heart of Ohio Council’s first Venturing Roundtable. I was assisted by the Regional Boatswain, Tim Stanfill. Ashland, Ohio

  • August 21-22

Attend and volunteered at a Simon Kenton Council Weblos Woods in Hickman, Ohio.

  • August 22

Attended a SKC VOA and 2010 Centennial Camporal meeting and discussed the presence of the Venturing program at the Council 100th Year of Scouting Celebration. Powell, Ohio.

  • August 22-23

Attended the Simon Kenton Council Sea Scout Rendezvous in Delaware, Ohio.

  • September 11-13

Attended and staffed the Fall Fun Rally Venturing event held in St. Louis, Missouri

  • Sept. 30 - Oct. 3

Attended and presented at the Central Region Fall Board Meeting in White Sulfur Springs, WV

  • October 1

Collected the Summer Reports from the Central Region Venturing Youth Cabinet

  • October 3

Took part in "Scouting for Food" a community stewardship project aimed at addressing the problem of hunger in the community in which we live and work

  • October 15-18

Participated in the National photo shot with the Boy Scouts of America for the new High Adventure Base. Charleston, West Virginia.

  • October 16

Participated in a meeting with the National Youth Venturing Cabinet, focusing on goals and vision for the Venturing Program. Fayetteville, West Virginia.

  • October 19

Attended the Simon Kenton Council VOA meeting. Helped to select the council Venturing award recipients for the year. Columbus, Ohio.

  • October 24

Staffed and presented at the Area 4 Program Conference. Taught about the benefits of the Venturing program to council level volunteers and professionals. Zanesville, Ohio.