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Connor Rieve

Connor Rieve

Goals for 2009-2010


  1. Create Sea Scout Youth Cabinet
    Purpose:  The creation of a Cabinet will help with communication and the sharing of ideas.
    1. Networking between regions will help bring all the regions closer together.
    2. It will create a base where youth or adult leaderís needs questions or help with events can start.

  2. Communicate with Regional and Area/Flotilla Boatswains
    Purpose:  Creates a network and builds a team making goals easier to reach with more resources available.
    1. Help them with their goals.
      1. Sharing available recourses with them and knowledge requaried.
    2. Find out about events in their area and post them in newsletters, yahoo groups, and Facebook groups.
    3. Contact Adults in the different regions to help build relationships and continue to gain more resources.

  3. Continue with Boatswains Blog
    Purpose:  Allows Sea Scouts to find out what a youth leader does and their purpose in the cabinet.  Promotes participation in different events.
    1. Write up a summary of scout activities I attended and ask other youth to comment on their own experiences.

  4. Communicate with my own cabinet on a regular basis
    Purpose:  Builds a network and a team to make reaching goals an easier task.
    1. Create accountability by asking for updates on their goals and asking them to do the same. Call or email twice a month to meet with them about goals and newsletter.
    2. Use their resources and make mine available


  1. Make and promote recruitment and publicity tools
    Purpose:  To help ships have tools available to help promote their programs.
    1. Start a FAQ page on the youth cabinet and other website.
    2. Make videos and take pictures from different events I go to that promote Sea Scouts in a positive way using a youth's perspective.
    3. Make an outline of basic promotional slide show for other ships to use as tools to promote their own programs.
    4. Hand out and use venturing CDs for training purposes only.


  1. Promote Sea Scout training programs
    Purpose:  These programs train youth and adults which help them to grow and they generate excitement about the program which in turn helps the program to grow.  These programs teach the values and strengthen the main purpose of Scouts which is to teach leadership and skills to youth and adults.
    1. Promote SEAL
      1. Use my own experiences and other youths to let others know how well SEAL training works.
    2. Promote Sea Badge
      1. Write up an outline of what the program offers and talk about it at events I go to.  Show that it helps adults learn which in turn helps youth.

  2. Capture the essence of scouting through both youth and adult perspective and promote it to the public.
    1. Through videos of the youth participating in events having fun and learning skills and life lessons.
    2. Take pictures and write up articles using the youth and adult perspective.
      1. Push the articles for publication in local newspapers.


  1. Earn the rank or Quartermaster
  2. Make sure that all Sea Scouts have a wonderful year