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Connor Rieve

Connor Rieve

Spring Quarterly Report

You are invited to review Monica's final report until Connor files his first report this fall.


  1. I will communicate with all Regional and Area Boatswains across the country
  2. I will start a Boatswains Blog on the National Venturing Youth Cabinet website to share my adventures with Sea Scouts across the nation
  3. I will communicate with my own cabinet on a regular basis
  4. I will make and promote recruitment and publicity tools
  5. I will promote Sea Scout training programs such as SEAL for the youth and Sea Badge for the adults
  6. I will work towards capturing the essence of Scouting through both youth and adult perspectives and promote it to the public by taking videos and pictures and writing articles on events from the youth perspective


  1. I helped to put a training book together for youth officers.
  2. I promoted Sea Scouts and the relationship between the Power Squadron.
  3. I gave the youth perspective at the National Meeting.
  4. I spoke with the old and new cabinet to help promote changes for the future.
  5. I promoted Sea Scout Training and the Preserve America Waterway Initiative at the National meeting.


  • February 20-23

National Power Squadron meeting

  • March 14-20

Quartermaster Project

  • April 18

Service Project

  • May 19-22

BSA National Meeting

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