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National Venturing

National Venturing President
Matthew McGroarty

Matthew McGroarty

Goals for 2009-2010

My goals for this year’s Cabinet break down into only three stated goals, however, each will require the completion of many separate objectives in order to see completion. These stated goals are as follows:

  1. Build the brand of the Venturing Program
  2. Do everything possible to help develop ways to support local Councils and their Venturing Crews
  3. Do everything I possibly can in my ability as the National Venturing President to make sure that my Cabinet and the Venturing Program are successful both this year and in the future years to come.

These objectives would be, but are not limited to:

  1. Measuring and supporting goals set and completed by each Regional Venturing President
  2. Examining internal Cabinet structure and purpose and, by way of these measured results, enhancing overall Cabinet cohesiveness
    1. Internally throughout the National Venturing Cabinet
    2. Externally throughout the entire National Youth Cabinet
  3. Attending at least one event in each Region with the Regional Venturing President
    1. Central Region (Scheduled)
    2. Northeast Region (Scheduled)
    3. Southern Region (Pending)
    4. Western Region [Completed]
  4. Researching and providing ways of better communication throughout the Venturing Program
    1. Internally by improving communication lines
      1. Within the Cabinet
      2. Between the Cabinet and the entire program
    2. Externally by producing, starting January 1 2010, an interactive biweekly video blog highlighting:
      1. The activities of the National Venturing Cabinet
      2. Venturing's celebration of the Centennial of the Boy Scouts of America
      3. Answering letters and emails sent in by Venturers and Advisors
      4. Activities of local Councils and Crews
  5. Aiding in both the development of new awards and recognitions as well as the revising of current awards and recognitions for Venturing
  6. Working closely with the National Innovations Team to discover and develop new ways of building and delivering the Venturing Program.

Quarterly Reports