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National Venturing

National Venturing President
Matthew McGroarty

Matthew McGroarty

Fall Quarterly Report


  1. Build the brand of the Venturing Program
  2. Do everything possible to help develop ways to support local Councils and their Venturing Crews
  3. Do everything I possibly can in my ability as the National Venturing President to make sure that my Cabinet and the Venturing Program are successful both this year and in the future years to come
  4. Attend at least one event in each Region with the Regional Venturing President
  5. Work closely with the National Innovations Team to discover and develop new ways of building and delivering the Venturing Program
  6. Aid both the development of new awards and recognitions as well as the revising of current awards and recognitions for Venturing
  7. Measure and support goals set and completed by each Regional Venturing President


  1. Received National Venturing Leadership Award
  2. Conducted Orientation for the National Venturing Cabinet
  3. Represented Venturing at the National Board Meetings in Irving, Texas
  4. Elected to the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America
  5. Assessed status of Venturing in all four Regions
  6. Conducted first of three in-person Cabinet meetings
  7. Attended Regional Venturing event with the Western Region Venturing President in her home Region
  8. Received Regional Venturing Leadership Award
  9. Set forward an initiative for Venturing's contribution to Scouting's 100 year celebration
  10. Collected and reviewed Fall reports from all Regional Presidents to assess progress toward goals set and to help determine best courses for future actions


  • May 19-24

Attended and presented at the National Boy Scouts of America Annual Meetings in Orlando, Florida

  • May 27

Attended and presented at the Las Vegas Area Council's Venturing Officers Association meeting regarding becoming the National Venturing President

  • May 28

Attended and presented at the Las Vegas Area Council's Executive Board Meeting

  • May 29

Met with and discussed the future use and implementation of Venturing awareness through use of the website with the website's designer

  • June 11

Attended and served as the Master of Ceremonies for the Las Vegas Area Council's Good Scout Luncheon

  • June 25

Attended the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Las Vegas International Scouting Museum and presented on the history of the Venturing Program

  • July 5-7

Attended and presented on the state of the Venturing Program to participants at the Western Region youth pilot Powder Horn course at Camp Tamarancho Marin County, California

  • July 6

Met with member of the National Volunteer Development Team to discuss initial concerns in the future of all Venturing development programs. Marin County, California

  • July 7

Participated and supported Western Region Venturing President Jennifer Lowe in her leading of a youth summit meeting. Camp Tamarancho, Marin County, California

  • July 8-12

Attended and conducted the National Venturing Cabinet Orientation in Irving, Texas

  • July 26 & 29

Attended the USA Shooting National Junior Olympic Shotgun Championships at the U.S. Olympic Training Center Complex in Colorado Springs and discovered how crews can compete as teams in that program. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

  • July 27-29

Attended the Youth Hunter Education Challenge at the Whittington Center with the National Rifle Association's National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors where I represented Venturing and how shooting sports are incorporated into the entire Scouting Program for the benefit of its' youth. Raton, New Mexico.

  • July 28

Visited the Philmont Training Center at the Philmont Scout Ranch and took part in a backcountry tour to Sawmill camp with the National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors. Cimarron, New Mexico.

  • July 30 - Aug. 1

Attended and presented to each class during Week 8 at the Philmont Training Center on the Venturing Program and the jobs and responsibilities of the National Venturing Cabinet. Cimarron, New Mexico

  • August 20-23

Attended and participated in WashJam 2009. Seattle, Washington

  • August 22

Gave a speech on Scouting's continuing values to over 4000 Scouts, Scouters, Venturers, and Advisors at the closing show for WashJam 2009. Seattle, Washington.

  • August 22

Spoke and led discussion along with Western Region Venturing President, Jennifer Lowe, on the direction and leadership of the Venturing Program to Scouts, Scouters, Venturers, and Advisors at WashJam 2009. Seattle, Washington.

  • September 11

Met with representatives of Steel Challenge to discuss and consider the possible use of steel target courses in shooting sports for Venturing

  • Sept. 11-12

Attended and presented on the development of Venturing Crews in Catholic Dioceses across the country at the Region 11 Catholic Committee on Scouting Annual Meeting. San Jose, California.

  • September 14

Attended and spoke on the presence of Scouting in my everyday life at the Las Vegas Area Council's Annual Golf Tournament at TCP Summerlin, Las Vegas Nevada

  • Sept. 18-20

Attended the San Diego Imperial Council's Venturing Rendezvous at Camp Fiesta Island in Mission Bay, California

  • September 20

Went sailing in the San Diego Bay and spent a day discussing and experiencing how a highly successful Venturing Crew operates with Crew 7 of the San Diego Imperial Council

  • October 1

Met with the Kodiak group from the National Volunteer Development Team about the direction of the course through phone conference

  • Oct. 11-14

Attended the National Boy Scouts of America Board Meetings in Irving, Texas

  • October 12

Met with members of the National Innovations Team to discuss Venturing surveys, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

  • October 12

Met with members of the Kodiak group from the National Volunteer Development Team to assess Kodiak's fundamental personality

  • Oct. 15-18

Participated in the promotional photo shoot at the Boy Scouts of America's new High Adventure Base and National Jamboree site on the New River Gorge with the National Venturing Cabinet, the National Order of the Arrow Chief, and local Scouts. Fayetteville, West Virginia.

  • October 16

Led the convening of the National Venturing Cabinet for the purpose of discussing initial ideas and feedback given on the new goals and direction for the National Venturing Cabinet and the Venturing Program. Fayetteville, West Virginia.