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Amy Clark

Amy Clark

Goals for 2009-2010

To guide my service to Venturing during my term as the Regional Venturing President, I have established a goal in each of five categories, each followed by objectives for achieving the goal.  I intend to achieve my goals and objectives prior to the end of my term on May 31, 2010.

Personal Development

I will learn more about myself by discovering my ability to deal with tough scenarios, managing my time, and developing my communication and leadership skills.

  • Continue my course through the Nature of Leadership series by completing
    • VLSC
    • Kodiak
    • Kodiak X
  • Continue my pursuit of the Ranger Award by completing at least five (5) more requirements/electives
  • Maintain my college grade point average (GPA) and personal commitments in the midst of the increased demands on my schedule as the Regional Venturing President

Governance and Administration

I will assist in the organization, training, and development of youth and adult committees across the region to further benefit Venturing.

  • Assist councils and areas in the formation of Venturing Officers Associations, or other Venturer (youth) led leadership structures appropriate to each area or council
  • Meet with the youth officers and advisors of each of the Northeast Region's seven areas
  • Develop a draft of bylaws governing the Northeast Region Venturing Officers Association

Representation Across the Region

I will personally represent Venturing as a positive learning experience and fun program to current and potential Venturers.

  • Plan and conduct an area officers training for the region
  • Extend my availability as a resource to areas and councils across the region
    • Attend as many area and council events as possible that I am invited to
  • Visit all areas and as many councils as possible
  • Provide ongoing support to the Area Venturing Presidents, and to Council Venturing Presidents as requested
  • Represent the Northeast Region during national meetings of the BSA and other partner organizations
  • Attend at least one Venturing event in another region of the BSA
  • Attend all Northeast Region Executive Board meetings

Communication and Publicity

I will work to create a structure for leadership and communication within the region to improve the coordination among areas and councils.

  • Compose quarterly reports to national and regional Venturing web sites that describe the impacts I made on events I attended
  • Serve a central point of contact for Venturing, providing resources and information to council, area, and regional Venturers, advisors, Scouters, and BSA professionals
  • Provide a personal orientation for and transfer all relevant information to my successor as the Northeast Region Venturing President, beginning soon after she/he is selected

Innovation and Change

I will work to implement changes to the administration of the Venturing program within the Northeast Region that will benefit future generations of Venturers, advisors, and the BSA.

  • Develop methods for enhancing Venturer input into the Regional Venturing President selection
  • Establish an annual nomination and selection procedure for Regional Venturing Leadership Award

Quarterly Reports