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Southern Region Venturing

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Kalla French

Kalla French

Goals for 2009-2010

  1. Grow the Venturing program in numbers and in organizational strength:
    1. Organizing Area and Council VOAs
      1. Continue to support Area Presidents in their organization of 2 council VOA's in each Area
      2. Promoting the Importance of VOAs
      3. Promoting communication between the Region level, Area, Council and District level VOAs

  2. Increase the visibility of Venturing and its prestige to that of other Scouting programs
    1. Attending Activities in every Area
    2. Help Council/Area staffs of the importance of Venturing
    3. Promotion of The Venturer
    4. Promotion of 100 Years of Scouting

  3. Continuation of the promotion of international scouting
    1. Contingent for World Jamboree
    2. Friendship Fund

  4. Service Project
    1. Promote

  5. Finalizing Regional Bylaws
    1. By February

  6. Support the National Venturing President
    1. Active Membership on the cabinet
    2. Effective Communication