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Western Region Venturing

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Jennifer Lowe

Jennifer Lowe

Fall Quarterly Report


  1. Asses the current situation of each council in the Western Region concerning Venturing Officer Associations.
  2. Work to promote, help build, and develop Council Venturing Officer Associations.
  3. Improve the communication throughout the region via internet, phone, and personal connections.
  4. Plan and carry out area and/or region youth summit meetings


  1. Contacted all councils in the Western Region
  2. Helped promote Venturing throughout the Western Region and the Nation
  3. Gained a greater awareness of Volunteers from across the nation and what they do individually and collectively to further the mission of the Boy Scouts of America


  • April 24-25

Attended the Western Region Venturing Task Force meeting at the Western Region office in Tempe, Arizona

  • April 24-25

Attended and presented at the first ever Western Region youth summit meeting

  • May 20-24

Attended the National Boy Scouts of America Annual Meetings in Orlando, Florida

  • June 13

Attended the Utah National Park Council's executive board meeting and presented several Venturing Leadership Awards

  • July 13

Served as part of the color guard in the Orem Summerfest Parade

  • June 28 - July 4

Attended and participated as a staff member of a Kodiak course at Camp Fife near Yakima, Washington

  • July 4-7

Attended a Powder Horn course at Camp Tamarancho near San Francisco, California. Made presentation on Venturing programs to participants and lead a youth summit meeting.

  • July 8-12

Attended the National Venturing Cabinet Orientation in Irving, Texas

  • July 13-18

Participated as a youth staff member of a Kodiak course for Crew 1530 and 1532 at Flaming Gorge, UT

  • August 7-8

Attended Denver Area Council's event Venturing X-games and made presentation about Venturing Officer's Association

  • August 17

Attended a crew meeting where the crew conducted Peer Reviews for two crew members who completed requirements for Gold and Silver Awards. At the same meeting, I was presented with my Ranger Award.

  • August 21-24

Attended WashJam and spoke at LDS Sacrament Meeting

  • September 6

Participated in a Peer Review for a fellow crew member who had completed all requirements for the Venturing Gold and Silver Awards.

  • September 8

Attended the Hobble Creek District Venturing Forum where a fellow Venturer and I lead a discussion on Kodiak and Kodiak X.

  • September 14

Was the Keynote speaker at the Palmyra District Venturing Recognition Night

  • September 17-19

Attended the Western Region Executive Board meeting in Seattle, Washington and gave a report about the success of Venturing in the Region

  • September 27

Participated in the filming and production of the Utah National Parks Council Venturing Officer's Association "Bringing Venturing to You 10-4" video presentation

  • October 9-10

Attended Pacific Skyline Councilís Beach with a Bang and led a discussion about Venturing Officer Associations

  • October 15-18

Visited the newly approved location for the future Boy Scouts of America high adventure base and Jamboree site.  Participated with fellow National Venturing Cabinet Officers in national photo shoot to promote the site.

  • October 31

Attended Utah National Parkís Council quarterly Venturing Officer Association meeting