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As the Venturing Cabinet, we are asked to provide our experience and insight to various activities.  This web page will be devoted to information we have used that could be helpful to others in the Venturing program.  As you discover new information, we would also like you to share it with us so that we can share it with everyone.  Please e-mail your helpful information or resources to the Matthew McGroarty, National Venturing President.

    Yours in serving Venturing,
    Matthew McGroarty
    2009-10 National Venturing President

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Advisor's Award of Merit (PDF file - 3/19/08) - A Crew can nominate their Advisor for the Advisor's Award of Merit if the Advisor has met some basic requirements.

BSA Square Knot History (PDF file - 7/25/06) - Square Knots became part of Scouting in 1947.  Learn about the History of BSA Square Knots.  -- Dr. Craig Murray, Website Advisor

Bylaws (1/2/06) - Remember, as Scouts we are prepared.  We should prepare for future contingencies, not just for next week's meeting.  Bylaws are an essential tool for organizations and every Venturing member should sign his/her crew's bylaws.  What if your crew does not have bylaws?  Refer to the bylaws on the Venturing Notebook web site which provides basic information and a list of sample bylaws submitted by crews.  I invite you to share your crew's bylaws and add to the current list by e-mailing them to Dr. Murray.
      -- Amy DiFrancesco 2005-06 National Venturing President

Ceremonies (1/2/06) - I recently received a request for a Silver Award Court of Honor protocol.  Just as each crew focus is individual, their ceremonies are unique.  And yet, this resource might assist new crews in designing their first awards ceremonies.  Here samples of ceremonies with different approaches.  I am grateful to the contributing Crews and invite you to share your Court of Honor protocol by e-mailing it to Dr. Murray.
      -- Amy DiFrancesco 2005-06 National Venturing President

  1. Crew Court of Honor
  2. Ranger Court of Honor
  3. Silver Award Court of Honor
  4. Silver Award Court of Honor
  5. Silver Award Court of Honor

Congressional Award (Feb '06) - What came first - the chicken or the egg?  BSA Venturing and the Congressional Award have a chicken and egg relationship.  Venturers easily can participate in the Congressional Award program while pursuing a Venturing Gold Award.
      -- Amy DiFrancesco, 2005-06 National Venturing President

European Camp Staff Program (PDF file - 10/17/08).  This 2009 international volunteer staff program is for young adults (18-30 years of age) who would like the opportunity to enjoy scouting in another country.

History of Venturing (1/2/06).  When I was selected as Western Region Venturing President, one of my first requests of the National Office was about the History of Venturing.  Bill Evans, Venturing's Associate Director, provided this history.  For those of you, who enjoy history as I do, please refer to "Mentors" in the "National President" section.  Over the next five months, I will highlight some of the dedicated members of the team who founded Venturing.  -- Amy DiFrancesco 2005-06 National Venturing President

Honor Medal - Thomas Foust (PDF file - 3/13/08).  Thomas Foust, 17, risked his life to save an elderly woman who was moments away from being hit by a passenger train.

Invocations (PDF file - 1/2/06).  One might ask, why include invocations?  Routinely, I am asked to deliver invocations for public functions and was challenged to find the appropriate words.  I must thank my mentor, Sharon Aycock for her foresight in providing me with these beautiful prayers.  Feel free to use these, if they fit your needs.  -- Amy DiFrancesco 2005-06 National Venturing President

Kodiak & Kodiak X (PDF file - 10/9/06).  One of my fondest summer activities is participating in Kodiak and Kodiak X trainings.  Learn about Venturing’s exciting high adventure leadership skills course.  -- Amy DiFrancesco, 2005-2006 National Venturing President

National Venturing Leadership Awards (PDF file - 12/23/09) - From 2000 to 2009, National presented the award to the past Venturing youth Cabinet and outstanding adults who had contributed to Venturing at a national level.  The National award has been discontinued and will be replaced with a new version open to leaders from all programs.

New Youth Positions (PDF file - 10/18/06) - Three new Crew leadership positions have been added:  Crew Quartermaster, Crew Historian and Crew Guide.

Okpik Fun (PDF file - 10/9/06) - Okpik is the outstanding winter program at Northern Tier, BSA's High Adventure Camp in Minnesota and Canada.  From sled dogs to snowshoes, Opik has it all for winter fun!  -- Amy DiFrancesco, 2005-06 National Venturing President

Philmont Rayado Experiences - Rayado at Philmont is an elite outdoor leadership training course. Read what two of our Cabinet officers report about their life changing experiences.

  1. Amy DiFrancesco, 2005-06 National Venturing President (Jan. '06)
  2. Mike Bebeau, 2006-07 SR President (10/9/06)

Powder Horn Experience (PDF file - 8/30/06) - Serving as a historian for forty adults during the Grand Teton Council's Powder Horn let me see that adults have as much (or more) fun at summer camp as youth do!  -- Amy DiFrancesco, 2005-06 National Venturing President

PTC Venturing Courses - 2009 (PDF flyer {559kb} - 8/13/08) - Venturers attending the Philmont Traing Center during Venturing week with their parents, July 12-18, 2009 will have the opportunity to take a mountain trek and received Kodiak training at the same time.

President's Challenge Sports Award (PDF file - 1/30/07) - This fantastic program can be included as part of your crew's activates or it can be worked on as an individual project.  If you are earning the Quest award this challenge award ties in well.  For information, refer to

President's Volunteer Service Award (5/1/06) - Every day, millions of Americans volunteer, using their time, talents, and compassion to make a difference in the lives of others.  By mentoring a child, caring for an elderly neighbor, teaching someone to read or bringing food and clothes to those who need them, Americans are helping to foster a culture of service, citizenship, and responsibility for generations to come.  It is through these acts of kindness and decency that we are able to demonstrate the true character and compassion of our country.  The President's Volunteer Service award is a Presidential recognition program for Americans of all ages, who contribute a significant amount of time to volunteer service.  Your council can register as a certifying organization.  For information, refer to

Press Release Sample (5/22/06) - When your Crew provides a great service or enjoys an outrageous activity, do you publicize your success?  How do you go about promoting positive publicity for Venturing, your crew and its members?  Renee Fairrer, Associate National Director of Marketing and Communications provided us with a sample press release crews can use to prepare their stories.

Report to the Governor (PDF file - 2/13/06) - The Annual BSA Report to the Governor is an opportunity for a few members of a council to meet with the governor and present a report to him/her about Scouting in their state.  While some states, like Idaho, annually receive Scouts, others do not participate in the long tradition.  I encourage Scouts in all states to pursue this opportunity, which gives youth a chance to view the political system, establish a personal relationship with the governor and publicly share Scouting's triumphs.  Review Snake River Council's presentation to Idaho’s governor and photos from the event in this sample Snake River Council Report to the Governor.  -- Amy DiFrancesco, 2005-06 National Venturing President

Report to the Nation (PDF file - 4/17/06) - Annually delegates from Boy Scouts of America travel to Washington, D.C. to present the BSA Annual Report to the Nation to the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, as mandated by BSA's Congressional Charter. Read Amy DiFrancesco, 2005-2006 National Venturing President’s report as published in American Scouting Digest with photos by Michael Roytek and Randy Piland.  -- Amy DiFrancesco, 2005-06 National Venturing President

SEAL (1/30/06) - The purpose of SEAL is to provide leadership skill training during the summer of 2006 for youth most likely to be elected Boatswain in September.  Nominees for the program must be Ordinary Sea Scout or above and have mastered piloting and seamanship skills at the "journeyman" level.  They must pass a rigorous pre-test in navigation and seamanship.  If a unit has more than two nominees, they should be ranked in order of merit.  SEAL appointments will not necessarily be to the nearest course.  The following links will provide helpful information:

SHOT Show (PDF file - 3/20/06) - Annually the National Shooting Sports Foundation hosts the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show.  -- Brian Casper, 2005-06 WR President

Square Knots (4/10/06) - These embroidered square knots are representative of awards or recognitions that can be worn by Venturers.

Statistics (PDF file - 2/20/06) - The number of Venturers by Region in 2005.

Venturing Awards Star (1/9/06) - We have had numerous individual requests for our Venturing Awards Star.  Based upon a concept and teaching tool of Cindy Jesinger, our star was designed for this site by Dr. Craig Murray, the National Venturing Youth Cabinet web site advisor.  The star is available for downloads in two sizes:

  1. VenturingAwardsStar1.gif  (858x819) best for presentations
  2. VenturingAwardsStar2.gif  (600x573) best for websites

Venturing Recognitions (3/13/06) - BSA Awards available for Venturers in addition to the Venturing Bronze, Gold and Silver Awards.

Venturing Oath & Code and Outdoor Code (PDF file - 1/2/06)

Young American Award (8/7/06) - First presented in 1968, the council-level award, a plaque to be awarded at an appropriate council ceremony, is given to college age young adults through age 25 to highlight publicly the importance of their excellent achievements and service to their community, state and nation.  The council submits its one best application as their national award nominee.  The national-level award consists of a ribbon medallion and an unrestricted cash award of $5,000.  A successful candidate has achieved outstanding accomplishments in the fields of art, athletics, business, community service, education, government, humanities, literature, music, religion and science; has been involved in service in their community, state, or country that adds to the quality of life; and has maintained an above-average scholastic grade point average.

Youth Badges (updated 3/10/08) - A complete list of Venturing youth position badges for the Crew and National Cabinet.  Also, badges that can be earned through Venturing's Nature of Leadership; VLSC, Kodiak and Kodiak-X.

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